Thursday, February 11, 2010

Currently lusting over

I've been in love with gray nail polish since December. I love how unconventional it is.


^Ok so my picture isn't the best example since my polish was chipping at the time. But just trying to prove how much I love it. :)
My shade is from Forever 21, by the way.

I'd like an upgrade though! Here are some shades that I want to own. As well as other things on my wish list:

Chanel Particuliere
^OPI: Fiji Weejee Fawn from Soak

^I actually want all 3! Love the third neutral color.

OPI: You Don't Know Jacques

Urban Decay: Alice in Wonderland Book Of Shadows


This is a dream come true for anyone who is a Tim Burton or Urban Decay enthusiast. Though I am a bit scared if I were to get my hands on this, that it might just go to waste, since I'm still a beginner at applying eyeshadow (well for extreme looks at least). It is a bit pricey, around $50 at Sephora. But I'm still tempted!

Ear plugs à la Holly Golightly

I am also considering getting the sleep mask as well.

Chanel Quilted Purse
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When I saw this exact picture of Gemma Ward in my Teen Vogue magazine 4 years ago, I fell in love with that purse! And yes I want it in pink as well, though black or white will also do. :)
Ah I would work 2 jobs or more just to get one!

As for life, it has been boring. Can't wait to go back to school in April!


Ash Fox said...

aw i love gemma. she needs to have a comeback.


Erica said...

love the nail colors


Stacy said...

love it, so gorgeous

Anonymous said...

love this!!!!
great post, love the details on the nail polish and makeup
thanks for sharing as always
love your blog!


the gorgeous said...

I die for that channel pink! so lovely! ;)

Mary Anne said...

I tend to love muted or neutral nail colors, something that isn't too overbearing like some nail polish colors/nail art that I've seen. I'd rather be remembered for something other than my nails, esp. considering that nail-biting is still one of my worst habits and the #1 cause of my nail polish chipping (sadly).

Isabelle Maxime said...

@Mary: Nail biting used to be one of my bad habits as well, glad I overcame it. XD