Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sums up my life atm

"This is my problem. I do think I have all the time in the world to accomplish my dreams. I don’t live everyday as if it were my last. I put important things off until the last moment, and I don’t exactly know why. Subconsciously I believe that I can’t die until I’ve done something significant with my life, but this is simply not true. I need to wake up, take life by the reigns, and stop holding myself back." 
 -Modern Hepburn

Of course I'd be on a blogging roll when I am running on 2 hours of sleep...

Makes me nostalgic for bookstores

hehe at 0:19 I spy Bob Dylan <3 

Who cares if I posted these before...?

On my old laptop

which I suppose made me think of this little old blog of mine? Since plenty of "pics I find inspiring to blog" folders lay within here. So this blog is just one of the many ruts currently in my life. I never quite know what to do with it. To keep or delete or abandon for good? Maybe blogging isn't for me? Maybe the original reason I wanted to start this blog has lost its appeal? Most other fashion blogs I stumble upon these days are very generic, forgettable and blah. Which is why I usually only care for the "pioneers". Though I am sure most people might feel the same way if they were to find my blog. Then again my blog doesn't even look all that fashion anymore. Just a big mess; kinda like my brain (and room). Has some fashion, mixed in with words, words, words, and whatever. Haha or I could use this blog as an outlet for writing. Come to think of it, during my childhood I wanted to be a writer. I want to venture into the world of journalism. Maybe this could be practice? And I could eventually tie in fashion? And it will all come to full circle, YAY!

Just another blog post, where I pretty much type whatever random thing comes to mind. My neck hurts. Just finished watered down coffee. Going to wash it down with water. Wearing an LBD. Word vomit. Hyper verbal. Fin.