Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why hello 2012!

Before the new year started I had to "freshen" up: meaning I redid my ombre, which I am definitely more pleased with the second time around; also got a well needed facial and massage; and on top of that, a new phone! (Which was basically a 'gift' from actor Sam Milby! But I'll go in depth with that another time!) Another new thing happened, something extremely unexpected that I NEVER saw coming...but it did. That's life for you. Just hoping the eventual outcome of 'it' will be positive.
Basically lots of new-ness! And I suppose the reason why I am rambling about all this NEW stuff is because yet again I am REALLY considering changing my blog name! I said previously that my blog name sometimes reflects a specific stage or phase in my life and I feel another one has ended, so I'd like to change it. Already have something in mind, just really need help with spicing up my layout! Anything generic and or mediocre is not for me. ;)

Instead of listing down my resolutions, I'll just summarize some goals for 2012 + beyond:

~Have more productive days and less leisure time.
~Take action. Keep moving. Don't waste time.
~Live and lead a healthier lifestyle. (Eat right + exercise consistently) What you put inside your body does reflect what's on the outside. (ie: BETTER skin! Something I've been striving for since forever!)
~Fix my body clock/sleeping schedule/whatever you want to call it. I basically want to sleep at normal hours, wake up before noon even on weekends and not be known as the insomniac night owl any longer.
~Take more pictures! Actually USE my DSLR!
~Read more. Been buying books but haven't been touching them. :|
~Get more organized!
~Fix and give my room a makeover. 2011 = the year my room has been at its messiest. Something I'm not proud of and sorta shocked I got away with considering how my mom is...
~And lastly always be positive and don't sweat the small stuff! Anything I encounter that's negative (from a situation or person) I shall avoid and will remove from my life.

Tis all! I look forward to "meeting" my new blog and any other change(s) in between that I'll meet this month. :)

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