Saturday, October 9, 2010

State of confusion

Sometimes I wonder what to do with this blog?! Its original purpose is to be the "usual fashion blog" (documenting your daily outfits & posting inspirational pictures, etc) but then I thought, there's so many other blogs doing the exact thing. How can you be original and stand out? I think it's pretty obvious when a blogger is original and when one is trying "too hard". (not trying to bash, but it's sorta true) I just don't want to be perceived as the latter, since fashion has always been a huge part of who I am.

Sadly I wanted to start a fashion related blog (or some form of an outlet) about 3-4 years ago, back when I really DID take a picture of my daily outfit(s). (remember doing so for my ex boyfriend who always wanted to see how I looked like since we didn't go to the same school) Looking back, how I wished I started then, would be nice to see all the change and growth (fashion/personal) any person would experience during a span of 3-4 years. I also wanted to blog about my life, but then I thought what for? My life isn't as exciting as say... Cory Kennedy.

The urge to start blogging again emerged late last year, when I saw in both "Teen Vogue" & "F21" magazine how blogging has become so influential in the world of fashion. It opened my eyes and inspired me all over again. But sadly it's almost been a year since I started my blog and boy... have I sucked at it. Definitely not a consistent blogger at all. Which leads me to: what should I mainly blog about? Should there be a main focus? Or should it be scatter brained? Guess I'm the only person who can answer that. I still want it centered around fashion, just feel the need to add other elements as well. I'll admit it's hard taking daily outfit pics for many reasons: from a busy schedule; to not having a consistent photographer and sadly gaining 10 pounds has discouraged me from even taking pictures. But despite all this, I'll still go for it...because I believe if you really like something, then do it.

Excuse this rant. If you knew me you'd know I tend to just sometimes type whatever comes into mind (and I have to let it out haha). Being the Libra that I am, I tend to sort and balance everything out, but instead of keeping it in my head..might as well just blog it out. I suppose I'm going through a lost or transitional stage, or in deep thought. I am also trying to find ways to improve my blog. Here's to an improved geranium belle by next year. Always stay positive. :)

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