Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meet Lady Laplap!

My love for pink and OPI nail polish led me to this...

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Got her (yep it's a girl) exactly a month ago today. I named her Lady Laplap. :)
I love her so. At least you know laptops can be fashion forward. And it's so compact compared to my last laptop/tablet. So I'm taking good care of this one.
Can't wait to bring her to school libraries and coffee shops.


Anonymous said...

I got another laptop too! =P I have yet to deck it out in stickers though like I did with my other one. When I drop by your place (hopefully this week?) I'll bring it over so we can nerd out haha

Isabelle Maxime said...

Can't wait. :) It's a plan.
I think I wanna deck mines out in HK stickers too. XD