Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 resolutions for 2010

1. Get more sleep! (Stop sleeping around 3-5am. Since about 5 months ago, my sleeping pattern has never been the same.)

2. Become a more responsible and independent person in everything that I do.

3. Prioritize and manage my time more efficiently.

4. Drive more
. (Yes I have a license, since '08. I just don't care to drive for some reason. Guess I'm weird.)

5. Take care of myself. (Meaning my health, diet, exercise, skin, heart etc.)

6. Make school and my future my top priority. (Nursing school/LL here I come!)

7. Read more. (I have so many books I want to read. I hope to have days where I can just sit at home the whole time, with coffee and a good book.)

8. Get a job. (Never had one. Ever. It's about time I try it out and gain some experience. I've already applied at a couple of jobs, so I hope to get hired somewhere.)

9. Be more respectful and appreciative towards my parents. (Overall I AM a respectful daughter, well...compared to others around my age bracket. But I want to be even more nicer and really show how grateful I am to have them. Cause at the end of the day, you only have 1 set of parents. Love them and don't take them for granted.)

10. Stay single. (I'm not shutting out love completely, cause I know you can't stop what is supposed to happen. But as much as possible, I don't want a relationship or have anything to do with the dating scene. I like being on my own anyhow. I also need to heal. Plus I've never been the type of girl who jumps into something new just because. Or feel they need to have some form of companionship to be happy. That's never been me, and I will prove just that.)

Tis all.
I am determined to follow them all through the year. :)
Wish me luck. And good luck to those with resolutions as well.
Don't be weak.

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