Thursday, December 1, 2011

Currently Inspired By

Thick defined eyebrows a la Brooke Shields.

Bright Lips, preferably Fuchsia.

Grunge/Boho/Effortless/90s Inspired Street-style.
Think the poster child for that would be the birthday girl Zoe Kravitz, or Mary-Kate Olsen.

And lastly Peter Pan collars.

And wow it is already December? Time really does fly. Gotta start thinking about new year resolutions, though this time I'm keeping my list short. Rather make 1-3 important ones, than a long forgettable list. To think.. exactly a month from now, it'll be 2012. Excited!

PS: A goal of mine is to definitely give my layout a complete makeover! My friend Mary has an idea for my header, so I'm excited to see her vision. Would be nice to have a more "serious"/"mature" looking layout. My current one looks like a (sad) joke compared to most....

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