Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well you know I think my fate's belated, because of all the hours I waited, for the day when I'd no longer cry.
I get myself to work by eight but oh, was I born too late? And do you think I'll fail at every single thing I try?

Just one of those nights...
Nights where I feel vulnerable and a bit nostalgic. When I think about my past, present and future. All the pain and fear builds up & appears in my head. I sometimes long for days years ago, when I was carefree & naive. When I was a dreamer. Those times feel so long ago. Wake me up when August ends. (August happens to be my least favorite month, because for the past 3 years, something bad had always occurred to me)

I promise you though I am still an optimistic and happy person. Just having a moment I suppose, and blogging it out helps. I love how blogging/fashion cheers me up. :) I shall overcome.


Secondhand Society said...

we love audrey hepburn.

Chantelle said...

get back to me! you are the winner of my Signorelli t-shirt give-away! =D I'll try to contact you through other venues!