Monday, July 26, 2010

All white rooms

Besides lace, gray nail polish and Bob Dylan... lately I've felt inspired from looking at all white rooms. (Suppose it's just my aspiring interior designer side kicking in...) Just the clean crisp look of it, makes me want to completely change the look of my room. I've had white walls to begin with, but never as white as I want it now. Also had periods with pink/rose colored walls, and now my current lilac wall that I've had for about 5 years now... so I would like some kind of change!

Currently been so busy with summer school, but I already have some outfit posts set aside, some saved from months ago... just been either too busy or lazy to upload them. (I'm a terrible blogger I know!) I'll try getting to those this week.

I always blog at the most random/inconvenient time. It is 2am now; I have class at 9am; which means I need to be up by 6am.. since I commute. So I'll end this here.

Ooo wait. Had to share these lovely pics of Miranda Kerr Bloom (congrats!) <3

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I love how raw & simple these pictures are. And it appears Miranda is in an all white bedroom, aka my dream room! Coincidence? I think not.. ;) The one of her in stripes is my current desktop background!

Ok now I'm really ending this. Bonne nuit!

credit for pics: flickr/google/tumblr


Mary Anne said...

Ayyyeee you onto white rooms too??? I wanted to repaint my room white or at least one or two of the walls white. We had this art assignment back in high school (that I never did lol) where we would take a shoebox and turn it into a doll house using paint/fabric/toy furniture/cardboard/cottonballs/etc. I remember some people made drink bars, a karate dojo, or just a bedroom. For high school projects some of them were actually really cool and made me wish I did one too hahaha

Rule of Fashion said...

love your blog

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Isabelle Maxime said...

@Mary that does sound like a fun assignment. :p but yes i am obsessed with white rooms. think i'll repaint should help me. XDD