Monday, June 7, 2010

lag lag lag!

I changed my blog name again. I'm sorry. I'm a Libra and we are known for our indecisiveness.

So from Chic Disposition (fashion related name) to Lust Minus Zero (for the catchy factor) and now geranium belle. It sounds pretty & catchy, you can also visually imagine it (like fashion) and it has a personal pizazz to it, using part of my name.

Last time I'm changing the blog name... I promise! Settling with this name/URL for sure! :D


So I've been MIA again. Blame school school & school. Good news, the spring quarter ends on the 18th. Bad news, I start summer school on the 23rd. -___- Don't wanna promise constant posts or that I'll blog more, but I'll try my best.

I started this blog for fashion related purposes and to document some of my outfits. But I'll try to add variety and talk about whatEVER tickles my fancy, but fashion will always be at the heart of this blog! :) Just wanted to clear that up...

I should start treating this more like my tumblr. Been blogging there more; the re-blog feature still annoys me a tad bit... but overall I enjoy it. Lately I use it as an archive for every interesting/inspiring quote I find. I'm a sucker for quotes and abstract song lyrics.

Summer is coming. Hate hot weather. I want September to come already!

Got my header pic from: so much to tell you
One of my favorite blogs! Check it out!

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