Thursday, December 10, 2009

Serial Blogger

I'm not new to this site or blogging, in fact this is probably my kajillionth blog.
Ok not really, but you get the picture.

Even as a child, I had many diaries and journals (some I filled up, while others were left bare).

So I suppose it's a sign that I'd do the same over the web one day.

So here's my blogging history. Besides exposition purposes, I do this for amusement.

And since I've joined most of the main blogging sites, I'll also share my opinion on them, and why I left.
Most of the time when I leave a blog, I'll end up deleting it entirely. But some still exist, and if that's the case I'll provide the link, so you can laugh. :)

~AOL Hometown Pages/Other online journal sites (most likely unknown/shut down by now)

Ok so my blogging journey began in middle school.

Period: 2001-2003

I started with the AOL Hometown Pages, (since almost everyone back then my age used/had AOL). Those usually didn't last and I went through a few of those. Usually talking about nonsense and what I do in my daily life as a pre-teen.

I eventually got bored of those (And who wouldn't? The layouts were so dull!) and went to random journal sites and did the same. After awhile I forgot all about them and just didn't care.

I recently went looking for my old Hometown pages, but I found out AOL shut them down for good last year. Oh well. It would've been interesting to read some of those old entries though.


Period: [on & off] 2004-2007
(though my last actual post was this year; just not an active user!)

I for one really enjoyed xanga. It was easy to use and user friendly. It was the fall-back blog site for me, well obviously because in total I made 7 accounts! Shut down 5 of them & 2 still exist.

And they were/are:

*izzy_BeLLa The longest xanga I used, from 2004-2005. I was very consistent with it. So I'll probably consider this one my first real blog. Sometimes I wish I didn't shut it down, because I had a lot of entries! Mainly about my freshman year in high school and my stupid crush on a puppy (inside joke)! Those would be a lot of fun to read now. :)
And the reason for shutting it down was simply because most of my friends stopped using theirs (cause they moved onto MySpace) so I felt I should do the same. Oh the pressure.

*elle_basi Used for a very short time in early-mid 2005. I mainly bitched, whined and gushed about Johnny Depp.

*imperfect_isabelle Same as above. Also short-lived.

*D_at_izzy A blog I shared with my ex-boyfriend from 2005-2007. We basically used it to leave mushy sentimental posts to one another. Yea corny, I know.
It still exists! I put all the entries on private since the breakup, so it's basically vacant.

*callmeizzy Made in 2006. Another short-lived blog. Had many immature and stupid posts on this one, which is the main reason why I shut it down. I do remember having an Adriana Lima layout on it lol.

*isabellemaxime Think I got this one in early to mid 2007. Also short-lived. Somewhat used for health/counting calories purposes, but fortunately I'm over that phase now.

*fashionista_ako Got this in late 2007, for the sole purpose of browsing/commenting on other people's xangas.

And here it is:

I noticed most of my xanga user names revolved around my name/nickname.
And the main reason for shutting down each site (unless already stated) was because I either didn't update at all or I just got bored with it and wanted a new user name.


Period: 2006
Name: My thoughts.

Besides the AOL pages, this is my least favorite blogging site. I didn't like how it was set up and it just didn't excite me at all. And that's very apparent since I only wrote 2 entries. Behold:

Interesting user name. Forgot why I picked it. Think it had something to do with dance?

I remember around the same time I got LJ, I briefly blogged at some random site that was also a place to upload pictures. Forgot the site. Oh wait, found it:
Haha of course it doesn't exist anymore.
Just remembered it outta the blue and decided to merge it in with LJ.

My LJ profile.
You can tell I haven't updated in awhile. O_o
Eh I'll leave it be. Funny how most of my interests remain the same even now!

But anywho, I don't care for LJ at all. Only kept my account so I can browse at icons/avatars for the forums I post at. Such a lovely collection, especially the Queen ones. Daww.


Period: March-Dec 2007

Even though it's mainly a social networking site, I took advantage of their blog feature for almost a year. Most of my entries were generic, nothing special. I remember venting a lot as usual. Even had a memorable "who has the best ass?" poll: Johnny Depp vs. Josh Duhamel! Good times.

But I ended up deleting all my entries except for one (a personal post that came from my heart, but it's set to private). So that's really it for MySpace.

In my opinion, it's definitely not the place to keep or host your blog. It's not their area of expertise.


Period: Jan-March 2008
Name: Isabelle Maxime

Thanks to Cory Kennedy, I joined Uber.
It was (and I speak in the past tense, since also shut down last year) very different from your typical blogging site and visually appealing.
It was crazy, scattered and just everywhere. And I mean that in a positive way, ...sorta. At the same time, that's the reason why I lost interest. It was too much!
It tried to be everything, every site put together: a social networking site (since I remembered getting many friend requests), a blog, youtube, ieem, flickr, etc.
Not that that's a bad thing, but I guess it wasn't for me. Sad it's gone now, it had a lot of potential to be something huge and well known.

I remember my user name for that was: isabellemaxime.
Then again I adopted that "alias" since 2007. So from then on, most of my accounts/future blogs have that name. And yes it IS my actual first name! 2 parts. And it's French so I love it.


Period: March-Dec 2008
Name: Isabelle Maxime

My first blogger account. Again nothing special. Just talked about my life and posted pictures, videos, songs etc. My updates weren't at all consistent. Sometimes I only posted once or twice a month. Soon I got bored, deleted it and decided to move onto another site.


Period: Dec 2008-March 2009
Name: Nevermore

Again Cory Kennedy influenced me to get a blog here. Since I love reading/looking at hers.
Nothing out of the ordinary with this blog of mine. I talk a lot about school and Queen! Got bored with it fast and wanted to try another site. I also found the whole set up of WordPress a bit confusing, I'm sure if I were a HTML genius it would be better for me. But it's not a bad site at all, if anything it's probably the best blogging site, especially if you want a site for your company or business; since the possibilities (esp for layouts) are endless.

Oh and I got the name "Nevermore" from a Queen song. It's one of my favorites from them. A short and beautiful piano song with inspiring lyrics. I want to learn how to play it!


Period: March-Dec 2009 (and maybe every now & then)
Name: Nevermore

Most of this year I've been using tumblr. And I must say overall I loved it. Very easy to use! It's easy to post pics, videos, songs, texts, quotes, pieces of convos etc. I didn't care much for their re blog feature, since most people would re blog
everything and soon the contents of their tumblr isn't exactly original anymore. And originality is very important for me. So some tumblrs I come across just wind up looking like clones of each other. I also don't care for the whole "tumblarity" thing. Eh.
I personally think tumblr is more visually appealing if anything, it's perfect for the budding artist or photographer who wants to show off their work; so it would make a nice art portfolio. As for text blogs, don't think that's tumblr's strong point, blogger beats them in that. Which is a reason for my return.

I won't delete mines, since I might occasionally post random stuff. And it's always nice looking back at old entries.

So that completes my blogging history!
Wow.. I may come off as an indecisive serial dater person or something. Trust me, I'm the last thing from that when it comes to dating/relationships.
But I can be indecisive when it comes to other things.

I love reflecting, so excuse the length.
I doubt anyone will actually read this in its entirety, but you never know right?

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