Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some changes! New name & URL!

So I neglected my blog for over a month... and during that time frame a lot has happened: from minor drama at home, from going back to school and just being busy. I also haven't felt THAT inspired to even blog or to document my outfits. I think once I have a steady photographer things would be easier, unless of course I rely on self timer for the rest of my life. I sort-of envy fashion bloggers who have boyfriends who are also their photographers (ex. Rumi of fashiontoast or Rachel of That's Chic). Ah maybe one day I'll have one of my own. :p

Also during my 1 month hiatus, I realized I didn't really like the name of my blog anymore. I felt it was too generic/forgettable and plus so many other fashion blog names use the word 'chic', so I'm scared mines will just blend in with all the rest.

So to my followers, YES I changed both the title & URL of my blog from Chic Disposition to Lust Minus Zero. Same blog & content but different name. Sorry for the confusion (if there was any).

Sadly though since I changed my URL...there goes all my comments. :( So I can't even comment back all those who left me sweet comments in my last entry. Hopefully I'll find your blogs again.
EDIT: False alarm! Comments are back. (=

I'll end the rambling now. Just wanted to confirm all the new changes and that I haven't quit blogging!
I gotta get back to studying. I'll try to squeeze fashion related posts this week. :)

I'll leave 2 pics of me from last week. I love anything off the shoulder.

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Mary Anne said...

Off-shoulders are sooo sexy <3